FACT have summed up a collection of really intriguing Aaliyah rumours, which could - if true - indicate that Drake is likely to be executive producer on a posthumous Aaliyah album.

The magazine reports that despite reports from Missy Elliott on Twitter earlier in the year that she and Aaliyah's brother Rashad Haughton knew nothing about a supposed posthumous Aaliyah track called 'Steady Ground', which is believed to have been produced by The Hitmen member Jeffrey Walker. Missy often wrote songs for Aaliyah and worked pretty closely with her, so she's definitely a reliable source for these things.

However, the report continues. FACT notes that Drake recently appeared on Tim Westwood's Radio 1 show, claiming that he “had some great Aaliyah news coming soon… just some special things. Great things for music, period.” As interesting as that sounds, the source of FACT's info - Hip-Hop DX - claims that their source says that Drake's next single will feature posthumous vocals from Aaliyah, which could be what he means by the great news.

Read the full story over at FACT and see what you think yourself. We'll have to wait until this Friday, 5th August when Drake debuts his new single at Toronto's OVO Festival to see whether or not the Aaliyah vocal rumours are true, but you can be sure The 405 will bring you up to speed on the matter.