Well, it looks like we very well may get some new Drake tracks before the end of the year. While he was gearing up to release his third record Nothing was the Same, he released the b-side track 'Versace' to build hype. It seems that may be the route he's taking for the four or five unreleased songs he's got planned now. He said it's "not an EP, but maybe a blog thing like how I did ‘Versace,’ ‘The Motion,’ all those in one night. I’ll probably do ‘Trophies’ and three or four other records.”

He said we should expect the remix to 'Wu-Tang Forever', which will indeed have members of the Wu-Tang Clan on the track. There'll be a ton of other great appearances as well, including vocals from Aaliyah, production from SBTRKT, and possibly vocals from Sade.