Singer-songwriter Christopher Smith, who unleashed the Crushed Pleats and Pillars & Pyre EPs over the past several months, will introduce the first album under his new moniker Dralms in October with Shook. Alongside the announcement, Smith has also debuted the album's smooth title track.

"Shook is that moment when everything changes. Where you hold on to what's true to you for dear life, or let it all crumble, accept it, pick up the pieces and move on," Smith says on his newest work. The single itself is a soft, sweeping subdued effort, shining through echoes of darker themes like The Antlers more recent work. The album itself is due for release October 2nd via Full Time Hobby, with tour dates in the UK and Europe to be announced soon. Album details are listed below.

Listen to 'Shook' below and pre-order the album today on iTunes.

Shook Tracklist:

  • 01. Usage
  • 02. Pillars & Pyre
  • 03. Domino House
  • 04. Divisions of Labour
  • 05. Shook
  • 06. My Heart Is In The Right Place
  • 07. Objects of Affection
  • 08. Wholly Present
  • 09. Gang of Pricks
  • 10. Crushed Pleats