DRAM has taken his time. He earned it, after all. Big Baby D.R.A.M. was more than a breath of fresh air in a suffocating atmosphere, it was the most carefree hip hop had felt since the days of Biz Markie.

Returning suddenly with the delicious, if slight, That's a Girl's Name EP, DRAM has proven yet again why he's the most underrated charmer in music. While other rappers obsess with posturing, DRAM couldn't be more himself if he tried. As always, it shows through in the music.

Apparently, DRAM woke up feeling petty. It's not the first time we've seen this side of him, though his ire has usually been grounded in finances. Bringing to mind Lil B borrowing your girlfriend, DRAM manages to steal your girl while keeping it friendly. As he croons you can practically see his joking smirk.

Feeling yourself just a bit today? Wish you were? This is the tune for you.