Chicago-based band Tiny Fireflies have been one of the most criminally underrated acts of the 2010s. The duo — composed of singer Kristine Capua and multi-instrumentalist Lisle Mitnik — has carefully trickled out beautifully crafted dream-pop tracks over the past six years that have always just skimmed the radar of most music outlets. One of their first singles, 2011's 'Your Love,' was a revelation and is a mainstay on mixtapes I give to friends. Now, in 2017, Tiny Fireflies has offered a new mixtape-worthy single in the form of 'Nothing.'

'Nothing' uses a punchy arrangement and lithe bass part to propel itself forward, while Capua's vocals aim the song for the stars. As compared to a song like 'Your Love,' 'Nothing' is positively raucous. But the track, which is taken from Tiny Fireflies' forthcoming 7" Nothing/2040, due out in 2018, is a real beauty. Just like most other Tiny Fireflies tracks, there is a deft blend of melody, intimacy and vulnerability.

You can stream 'Nothing' below and be sure to pick up Nothing/2040 from Tiny Fireflies when it drops next year.