Tallies are a new Canadian band who may have caught your attention with their debut single 'Mother', released earlier this year. If you missed that one, never fear, as they are just getting started, and have made a second foray into public consciousness with the release of their sparkling new single 'Beat The Heart', along with the announcement that they will be releasing a self-titled debut album on January 11th.

Tallies singer Sarah Cogan tells us that 'Beat The Heart' is written as a retaliation to “the lack of empathy that exists so strongly today.” Taking the bit between their teeth, Tallies have written a song that drives home their melodic prowess as well as the velvety depths of their dreamy sound. They don't allow their passion to escape into the pillowy folds of their intertwining guitars and synths, but keep it front and centre, held aloft within Cogan's skillful vocals. Check out 'Beat The Heart' below.

Tallies' self-titled debut album will be released by Fear Of Missing Out Records on January 11th. While they're still in their relative infancy, you might want to get out and see them live, so you can say "I saw them when..." If you're in Canada or Brooklyn, then you might be fortunate enough to see them at one of these dates:

10/18 - Halifax, Nova Scotia - Kanine Records Halifax Explosion Party
10/22 - Quebec, Canada - L’Anti Bar Spectacles
10/24 - Montreal, Canada - Casa Del Popolo
10/25 - Ottawa, Canada - Bar Robo
10/26 - Sudbury, Canada - The Townehouse
12/17 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right (Kanine Records, Dr Martens, Collide Holiday Party)