Goodfight, a five-piece outfit from Brooklyn, is less than a year removed from its debut LP, Florida Room. But the group, masterminded by guitarist/vocalist Andrew Forman, is already preparing a new EP, Ghoster, set to be released on June 29. And if the record's latest single, 'All of My Life,' is any indication, listeners are in for a charming, dreamy record, rich in both creativity and feel-good sounds.

Melding vocals from Forman and Annique Monet, 'All of My Life' saunters along with a hazy, smoke-filled melody, elevated by some whimsical piano and Mac DeMarco-esque guitar tones. The end result is a song that sounds like a smile on a grey day. The song's little epilogue is equally joyful, coming in and out of focus before landing upon a funky little Earth, Wind, and Fire groove. Make no mistake, 'All of My Life' is a joy to listen to.

But according to the band, the song's true meaning is a bit more grim.

"It's about that feeling when you're on Tinder in a public place and you feel someone's eyes coming towards your screen," the band says. "So you lock your phone out of fear and you catch a glimpse of your reflection in it. A combination of jealousy and disgust."

Well, jealousy and disgust have rarely sounded so lovely.

You can stream Goodfight's 'All of My Life' above, and you can pre-order the band's forthcoming EP, Ghoster, right here. You can also check out a couple of the band's upcoming U.S. tour dates below.

  • 15 June - World Cafe Live; Philadelphia, PA
  • 14 July - Caffeine Underground; Brooklyn, NY