Few bands are set to make a stronger 2018 debut than Sonny Elliot, a dreamy duo hailing from Southampton. They do have some history, however, as the band's two principle members -- Chris and Joe Peden -- are formerly of the celebrated group Wild Smiles. A tragic accident caused that group to part ways, but the Peden brothers have reconvened under the Sonny Elliot moniker to release their forthcoming EP, Under Covers. The title track for that record premieres today here on The 405.

Dealing with those special moments spent curled up in bed with the person you love, 'Under Covers' is a stirring, beautifully crafted snapshot of intimate love. The song's production is rich and lush, a credit to the Peden brothers, who self-produced their entire EP. Jangly guitars and Chris' voice gently guide the listener through this serene, gentle, and warm song.

"'Under Covers' was one of the first songs written for the debut EP," says Chris. "It gave us the direction and sound we wanted to take our music. Before writing the EP, we’d been playing fast and loud guitar music for years so for us it is an exciting and reinvigorating new direction to take our music."

Stream Sonny Elliot's 'Under Covers' below, and be sure to pre-order their upcoming EP, Under Covers, right here.