When departing MP Tom Watson used his resignation letter to recommend the Derbyshire duo Drenge, to Labour leader Ed Miliband, Watson probably had no idea his new favourite musical discovery would be less than thrilled about all the attention.

Speaking with BBC Newsbeat, drummer Rory Loveless remarked, "It's got nothing to do with us really… It's just a guy signing off in a quirky manner… I'm not totally overjoyed that it happened, but at the same time I don't really care."

While the band's Soundcloud and YouTube pages have been blowing up since the letter, Drenge would rather gain an audience based on musical discovery rather than be remembered for a political news story. Still, we all find news music through all kinds of different ways, so maybe it won't be all bad for Drenge.

When speaking to Noisey, Watson described the moment he found Drenge's music: "No band had really hit home…Then it happened. I was seized with those fragmentary moments of pure music joy that festival goers live for. I found Drenge. Two brothers on a drum kit and lead guitar. I'm 46 years old... in a field in Glastonbury falling in love with a bloke barely in his 20s playing the guitar like a mid-west cyclone."

Can anyone argue with a gushing recommendation like that?