Duo DREWXHILL have announced an upcoming EP called Bullets. Scheduled for February, it's arriving courtesy of Southampton-based label, Born Electric, the same guys who released their Solitude EP, which dropped at the end of 2014.

They've also shared the title track. It's a brooding kinda post-R&B number, fluttering with skittish blooping percussion and muffled cosmic synth chords. There's a lot of pitch-shifted vocals awash with reverb going on amidst the scattered beats; the punchy kicks changing pattern throughout, and the addition of ambient nocturnal echoes and bleepy trillings keeping things dynamic.

Listen below. Oh and there is also a small tracklist at the end of this post.

Catch DREWXHILL live at Birthdays, Dalston on 12th March.

  • Bullets EP tracklist:
  • 1. Bullets
  • 2. Goodbye
  • 3. Powerless