King Von's original 'Crazy Story' is the kind of thing hip-hop heads should crave: an immediate and distinct piece of cinematic rap that makes time for flirting and gangbanging all in one ferocious verse. The Chicago rapper details an attack on an opp that keeps you engrossed all the way to the very end, when he adamantly states that he and his crew are "not from 63rd", an area in Chicago where "Shady, dirty, conniving people" live.

Now, Von's expanded his track but not diminished its quality with a feature from associate Lil Durk, whose OTF label he's signed to. Durk keeps the heat of Von's original verse on with a flow and lyrical style that segues seamlessly from where his partner left off. Word is Durk's going to keep this vibe up for his upcoming project, and this is definitely an encouraging preview.

Von also has some thoughts to share regarding his success in the wake of 'Crazy Story'.

"The biggest thing has been the different type of respect I get from artists that’s been in this thing longer than me. After that song came out’s like oh he can rap rap so now I’m getting features from established artists that Durk would usually only get."