Imagine the scene. You are lying on your sunlounger in the U S of A, relaxing, enjoying the new choice cut of beats from everyones favourite real life rapper Drake when all of a sudden, a banner flies ahead telling you that ‘Bobs Burgers are the best burgers in the whole of M.A.’.

The crazy thing is, you no longer have to imagine this. The future is here!

Entrepreneurs in Philadelphia have launched DroneCast, a startup that believes the future of advertising is to fly around drones with banners attached to them. The idea seems to have legs as the company already has 5 clients who pay $100 a day to fly their message over busy intersections and parks in Philadelphia.

It's an interesting idea whose conception came earlier in the year when Amazon launched what consumers believed to be a ploy with its AmazonPrimeAir idea. It ended up being real, however talks with the FAA mean that it couldn’t start in the US straight away so how DroneCast is still operating is unknown to me.

Skynet is coming people. Today, advertisements and packages. Tomorrow, drones that scout and find rebels.

Original Report: NBC Philadelphia

Source: Mashable