Drugg have a penchant for experimenting with sounds, especially when confronted with the traditional verse/chorus structure found in popular music. You'll be entertained, yet left equally confused as to what you've just heard, and with the release of their Shackled EP just around the corner, we caught up with the electronic duo to ask them a few questions. Photobucket How long have you two been together as Drugg? I started writing tunes during downtime in other projects about a year and a half ago and this became Drugg. Max has always provided drum parts and stuff for me but came on board properly when we did our first live shows about a year ago. Your music is very experimental; when you started making this sort of music did it not worry you that it might not stretch to a very wide audience? The music has to be exciting and interesting for us with a mix of the sounds and instruments we love. It comes from a reaction to the music I like and am excited by too, I guess. There are much more experimental outfits than us and I actually think sometimes, with the vocals especially, we sound quite pop! Do you still record in a garage? Is this your favourite place to record? Yeah it gets damn cold in the winter but I have all my guitar pedals and hardware there. Its a skinny terraced town house and I reckon the neighbours must wonder what the hell is going on when I'm singing random nonsense in the middle of the night! Any plans to tour soon? We've got some one-off live shows coming up in London which we're excited about but this is only the start of our live stuff really so we're definitely looking to play more regularly soon but no tour plans as yet. There are quite a few electronic acts in London at moment (Teeth, Entrepreneurs, D/R/U/G/S etc...) What makes your sound different from the rest? At our core we're really guitar and drums so quite traditional, we just like to add lots of noisy sounds on top that. Our writing style is quite loose, so nothing is too sequenced and ordered and I guess the vocals and live drums add a different feel too. Would you say that 2011 will be a big year for a lot of underground electronic acts? It certainly seems like the cool thing to be doing right now. It does seem that the more left-field electronic stuff is getting more attention now, which is great but as in most sub-cultures when it starts to go too mainstream it causes a backlash and a new breed starts the cycle again, so its all healthy. Any act whose mainly got eyes on making it in the marketplace is probably not going to be that interesting. Is there a favourite type of venue that you like to play at? Which kind of places does your music go down best? As we tend to improvise a lot of the show, its always best when a crowd is receptive to the more far out wanderings. I guess we'd like to play late night parties, so we can go a bit further out there with the set. Are you happy with the press that the EP is receiving so far and are you looking forward to its release? Are you having a launch party for it? Blown away by the press so far. Yeah can't wait to get my hands on the record too, the artwork was done by my girlfriend so its going straight up on the wall! Any album plans? We're just writing tunes, no album plans for them as yet. Would you say that growing up in London helped you to experience/learn from/appreciate a diverse range of music? Yeah my best mate Jonny used to run a club in Whitechapel so we would be down there all the time at all sorts of live band and club nights. We definitely saw some crap but it's also a great source of inspiration too. Especially when I've negatively pre-judged some form of music or other and then opened my ears to it on a random late night. Any plans to remix other people’s work? I'm working on a remix at the moment for an American act on the same label and hopefully more stuff soon. Totally reworking someone else's ideas is great fun, plus I don’t have to worry about doing vocals! Do you have any favourite bands currently that you’d suggest people to listen to? Listening a lot to Sublime Frequencies' output. They release this truly great and enlightening music from around the world, some of which absolutely blows my mind.