As part of our Artist Playlist series, Dua Lipa provides a short, but solid collection ready for any occasion. Check that out below, and here to listen to her debut single 'New Love'.

"When making a playlist for myself, my mood dictates a lot of it. One week it could be full of exciting new tracks that give me a massive buzz, and the next it could be a range of love ballads. I can never determine what it will be. So regardless of my mood, I've decided to make a playlist for you; a range of songs from various genres that inspire me in different ways. Whether it's the production, the flow or the concept, these are usually the kind of songs you'd find me (as well as on a daily basis) listening to on my way to the studio."


  • 1. 'Gooey' - Glass Animals
  • 2. 'Addiction' - Kanye West
  • 3. 'Ain't that easy' - D'Angelo
  • 4. 'Alright' - Kendrick Lamar
  • 5. 'Don't tell me you love me' - Big Sean
  • 6. 'L$D' - Asap Rocky
  • 7. 'Get the money' - Ghostface Killah ft. Vince Staples
  • 8. 'Forbidden Fruit' - Action Bronson
  • 9. 'oh my darling dont cry' - Run the Jewels
  • 10. 'The Hills' - The Weeknd


We've provided you with three different ways to listen to this playlist, because we're super nice people. However, if a track is missing from one of them, don't blame us; the streaming landscape is rife with inconsistencies.