Label: Backyard Recordings Release date: 25/05/09 Website: 3 T’s ay, what’s that about then? Terrifying Throbbing Techno? If it’s not that’s what it should be. The Canadian Crazy-Disco enthusiast’s 2008’s album ‘Anthogie Des 3 Perchoirs’ was released pretty much this time last year and this EP is the mini follow which features 4 tracks lifted from the long player to entice UK audiences ahead of the assault on these shores throughout May. Track 1 of this 4 tracker is ‘Black Flag’, which creeps into view with bleepy keyboard prods that hint at Ladytron, but 1 minute in vocalist Annie-Claude Deschênes whips out “Dancing on my knees trying to reach that BLACK FLAG!” which is an excellent disco slayer of a chorus that sounds like its been crow barred straight from ‘Its Blitz’. This EP is off to a damn good start. Offering number 2 ‘Ccut up’gives a minute of spooky feedback before wading in with a BRMC riff which is quickly drowned out by a head bobbing synth stampede and more of Annie-Claude’s shrieks and wails. The track revolves around the Metronomy style rhythm more than any discernable chorus composition. Not that any of that matters when your off your melon body popping round the club though. ‘Baby’s got the rabies’ follows next with quicker beats, both electronic and actual and even dirtier vocals. By this time the gang are sounding a lot like Young & Restless the Aussie punk heads featured on the very virtual pages of this rather swell website. Despite the tunes best turbo charged efforts it essentially won’t hold your imagination for long and could do with more of that sweet chorus action displayed on ‘Black Flag’. By the time track 4 arrives you will be well and truly submerged in the squelchy synthage that grabs at you at every turn like Poison Ivy stretching over your brain. The EP closer ‘I’ve got the Flu’ (be careful what you wish for, Canada ain’t a million miles from Mexico!) is a slower, more hypnotic slice of filthy electro that is now sounding more like The Knife than Karen O & Co. The bombastic opener now seems an age ago and the Disc seems to have lost it’s urgency, which is a shame. It was an interesting listen especially for someone like myself who is no expert in the realms of Digi-Rock Punk (although is anyone?!), however it’s hard to earnestly recommend but certainly not bad enough to berate. Therefore I will instead side step rating the EP and insist you go by the 12” single of ‘Black Flag’, which is truly ace. There everyone’s a winner. Right I’m off to request Black Flag and strap on some knee pads, it’s Indie night at the local dive and no one dances on their feet anymore, that is sooo 2008.