To coincide with the release of his latest album, Dreams Say, Views, Create, Shadow Leads, the hugely talented Dustin Wong has conjured up an accompanying project where he will interpret his fans dreams into unique pieces of music. The fascinating venture will unfold on the artist's soundcloud page, where fans can submit a description of their dream as a recording or in writing. Wong said of the project: ”I thought it would be a really neat idea to be able to contribute some of my music to people's dreams, not only would it be a good challenge but it would also be a very loose nonverbal way of interpreting a dream. By reflecting the mood of what the dream is it could bring something out of the dream that the dreamer never noticed, like a glaze that brings out the colours of a painting".

You can download the new album here, and check out the video to new track ‘Diagonally Talking Echoes’ below.

Dustin Wong - Diagonally Talking Echo from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.