Synth-pop artist Kita Menari has released a bright new single ‘Pretty Sure’ ahead of his performance at Eurosonic Noordeslag on January 19th. His latest offering is a wide-eyed guitar-led number punctuated by dreamy synth beats and breathy vocal layering. Micha has a joyful approach to the production of pop music despite his namesake coming from a near-death diving accident whilst out in Malaysia. This terrifying experience set the tone to his songwriting and offered a new sense of reflection.

On ‘Pretty Sure’, he creates a sound of sheer exuberance whilst its narrative is far more contemplative and frustrated. The namesake being lifted from the downhearted hook of “don’t know what you’re dreaming of, pretty sure it’s not enough”. It derives from de Jonge’s inner critic as he explains here: "The song revolves about a common conversation I have with myself: whether or not what I'm doing creatively is good enough, and the fear of letting that feeling go. Having big ambitions and dreams can sometimes have a negative effect on the process of achieving them. It’s like having an angel on one shoulder telling you to go for it while a demon sits on the other telling you it’s not good enough.”

‘Pretty Sure’ is released January 11th and Kita Menari play Eurosonic Noordeslag/ESNS in Groningen on January 19th.