A musicmaker called dvd fair, from Marquette in Michigan, USA, has shared a nicely soothing new track with us. It's called 'golden age' and it begins with a sample of Owen Wilson speaking in 2011 film Midnight In Paris, which if you haven't seen it is about a man (Wilson) who whilst in Paris is lost in the romance of the city and begins to hallucinate about being ushered into its infamous artistic circles of the early 20th century.

Mirroring the haze and heady disorientation in hallucinatory time travel, dvd fair's track sways with woozy splendour, gleaming acoustic guitar striking like slow sparks in a phasing tunnel of cool psychedelia - the sort of transportive, escapist song you want in your ears when wandering around on a cold winter's day with a crisp blue sky and stark sun above. Listen and enjoy below.