We asked DZ Deathrays to talk about about their favourite Australian bands, and they provided us with some rather brilliant stories. It includes an inflatable boat and a lot smoke. What more could you ask for?

Dune Rats

We've been friends with these guys for years before they began playing together so we decided it was only right to take them on their first national tour. At the Melbourne show they had just smoked a Michael Dooble` before hitting the stage so I decided to start screwing with their set. I had this remote controlled smoke machine placed beside the drum kit they weren't aware of so I started putting out little clouds of heavy smoke randomly which blew their minds and kept making them crack up laughing and screw up playing.

Yacht Club DJ's

We did one of the wildest tours ever with these mash up DJ party monsters. One of the more memorable/least haziest memories was at their show in Melbourne. Along with the support band (Hunting Grounds) we dressed up in Koala suits and ran around tackling and fly kicking each other before climbing on everything and crowd surfing whilst trying to finish off their entire rider before they finished playing. Just before the show was finished they brought out an inflatable boat and literally sailed around the room on peoples faces.


This is Shane and my other band that contains 12 members (all of whom think they are Keith Richards). We were doing a show with them in Brisbane one afternoon at a little family festival to probably 200 people after a hard night out drinking . After a very loose 4 or 5 songs in the guitarist Rohan finally succumbed to his hangover and to the bewildered amazement of the parents and children who made up the entire crowd began to projectile vomit from his knees off the front of the stage. It was majestic.

Children Collide

These guys are a pretty big band over here in Australia. They are a great grunge band who invited us to support them on a tour last year and on the last night of the tour in Perth we were standing side of stage watching them play when the most conveniently placed box of toilet paper just happened to be put down in front of us. It was bizarre, I don't even know why they had a box that big full of TP but they did and as the venue staff was just about to take it into the storage room we grabbed the entire box of it, ran on stage and completely coated the whole venue in it as well as making toilet paper mummies out of the guys while they still tried to play. I still don't know how they got it all out of the 2 storey high chandelier.

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