Released 26th September Ok, so I've got this whole love/hate relationship going on with Shia Labeouf. I hated him in Disturbia. I thought he could do no wrong in Transformers. And although i haven't seen it yet, I am sure ill find him to be a pointless entity in Indiana Jones. Dare i even mention his role in iRobot? So what's the deal with Eagle Eye? Well as usual Shia, is sticking to his guns. Quite literally in fact as he finds himself playing the hero yet again in another action flick. There may be no creepy next door neighbors, transforming robots or ancient artifacts here. But that won't mean that Shias stunt double (the only thing making him look any good in these films) gets the day off. Eagles Eye is a face paced, race against time, action packed thriller that follows Shia's character Jerry and Rachel (played by Michelle Monaghan, who sadly isn't in the trailer. ) two complete strangers that have been framed as being terrorists.The pair are therefore forced to become members of a cell that plots to carry out a political assassination, in order to clear their names and outwit a mysterious women who controls their every move via their cell phones, before she has them killed. Very reminiscent of Phone Booth. Dare i say Eagle Eye actually looks good? Well, to be honest, it does. The no nonsense trailer is on point from the get-go, just what someone like me needs when trying to be convinced that Shia Labeouf isn't just a CGI spot monkey. But will Shia's performance suffer from having only just recently finished filming Indiana Jones? A perfect example of this was trying to release both Disturbia and Transformers so close together, inevitably one film had to flop and did. The plot looks decent and one that's not hugely foreseeable or predictable for that matter. I want to know more. I have questions to ask, damn it! I'm intrigued to find out how Jerry and Rachel clear their names and why exactly they were framed in the first place. And if that wasn't enough we can have confidence in the fact that the action and stunts are going to be reasonably good. Particularly at the end of the trailer, as much as it might be a personal fantasy of mine to see Shia Labeouf jump off a tall building, it still grips me into wanting to see this. Shia looks like he's grown up a lot from his days of Even Stevens and Eagle Eye definitely comes across as more mature type of film for him to star in. You too can fall in love with Shia, by watching the trailer here!!!