Yesterday it was announced that Odd Future would be releasing their mixtape 'The Odd Future Tape Vol 2' on February 20th (a month before the last release date they gave us) and that Earl Sweatshirt wouldn't be on the mix. No surprises on both counts there.

But since we went to bed last night, all sorts of shenanigans have taken place - and our friends over at BPM caught it all for us.

Firstly Earl Sweatshirt is back from wherever he was, tweeting that he would release a track in exchange for 50k followers, Hodgy then tweeted something relatively cryptic, then Earl Sweatshirt got 50k followers and released the following track:

What BPM are suggesting is that there might be tension between Odd Future and Earl due to him signing with a different management company. Personally I think it's just one big marketing ploy from the collective. There's only so many times you can cry wolf, right?