You may think you're dreaming, but photos prove otherwise. In fact, we had to pinch ourselves to make sure this was really happening. According to Faster Louder, Earl Sweatshirt and King Krule, along with members of Warpaint and Jagwar Ma, have recently spent some time together for "an epic 12-hour all-night recording session" while on tour in Australia. Yes, we're talking about some of the most promising musicians of our time collaborating to create wonderful music together - how cool is that?

Apparently, the news came from the promoters behind Australia's Laneway Festival (the four acts are all playing Laneway), who told Faster Louder that the supergroup recorded at Sydney producer Jonti Danilewitz's studio.

To prove we're dead serious about this, here's a pic of them doing magic together [via Astral People's Facebook]

Source: CoS