East India Youth, a.k.a. William Doyle, has just detailed his upcoming debut album, Total Strife Forever (out in January via Stolen Recordings). Inspired by the likes of Brian Eno, Bjork and Sufjan Stevens, the full length was recorded at home over the last three years.

"Total Strife Forever was simply a throwaway phrase I had written in one of my notebooks around the time of completing (the at the time untitled) TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER III, yet one that I couldn't get out of my head and strongly related to the time of making the songs that would make up the record," Doyle says of the album. "The fact that it was a pun, in all caps, seemed initially at odds with the mood of the record. It was poking fun. Yet in this absurdity it also seemed to fit the themes of the album perfectly. I was very attracted to this idea; despite the many problems it may cause me in the future."

Watch the album teaser below.