‘Leave Us to Fate’ is about love. The long dead kind. The best sort to write songs about, in fact. North America frontman P.F. Phillip says, “[the song] is a bittersweet goodbye to a love now lost, a reminiscence of a romance that inevitably could not be.”

Formed in 2017, North America's form of indie is at times euphoric, fragile and anthemic. Reminiscent of Red House Painters and Smog, the track is steeped in ethereal guitar tones before P.F. Phillip’s downbeat vocals pine for that which has been lost. You can tell he means it and his vocal performance is a commanding one. The track revels in lyrical poeticism and the unabashed grandeur of despondency. It takes its sweet time to build to a crescendo which comes as something of a release to the listener as we dwell in the singer’s heartbreak. We’ve all been there, mate. Try to remember that there is always sunshine above the grey clouds.

North America celebrate the release of the track on 10th October by playing 26 Leake Street in London on the same day. Cancel your plans and go see ‘em.

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