We're way too into our chocolate to care about your needs, but on the other hand we love you, so we've decided to put together a small round-up of the news you've probably missed since Good Friday so that you don't feel lost. Like chocolate, enjoy in moderation.

  • The Round-up:
  • 1. It looks as though The Libertines could reunite this summer. According to reports, Pete Doherty is game for it. "I don't know if I'm supposed to even tell you this, but we were offered to reform The Libertines for a show this July in Hyde Park," Doherty told Israeli newspaper Ynet. "I got the call just yesterday. Well, I said yes."

  • 2. Jack White managed to release the world's fastest record for Record Store Day. He managed to record, press and release the vinyl in under four hours - setting a new world record. Wonderful!

  • 3. Morrissey has spoken out against Canada's annual sea hunt. The post it titled 'This Sorrowful Canada', and can be read by heading here.

  • 4. Prince has released a new song. 'The Breakdown' can be bought via iTunes right now.

  • 5. Drake and Jay Z's ongoing "beef" continued last night during last night's NBA showdown between The Raptors and The Nets. Drake claimed "Jay Z's somewhere eating a fondue plate," which is possibly the greatest piece of trash talk we've heard in 2014.

  • 6. Mazzy Star's Record Store Day release (a 7" featuring two new, previously unreleased songs) is now partially available to listen. The A-Side, 'I'm Less Here', can be heard below.

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