LA-based duo Dan & Drum specializes in a specific and unique brand of the all-inclusive indie rock universe. On their 2017 debut LP, Growl Pop, a record spanning between the components of indie rock, alternative-R&B, and soulful pop, frontman Dan Schechter’s vocals fluctuate between refined falsettos to raspy clamor. The delicate balance of the two styles of singing provided deep complexities and palpable emotion to each track off the record. Phillip Thompson aka “Drum” handles the duties of, you guessed it, drums. His on-point contribution is greatly significant with sharp pounding that caters effectively to the band’s daring genre-blending flair. The band is now back to show off their first single, ‘Theoretically You’, from their forthcoming sophomore LP due out next year.

The new track is one of the more understated offerings from the twosome in terms of their widespread sonic scope. On the other hand, ‘Theoretically You’ is a deeply stirring effort. It delivers the precious goods from finely distorted guitar riffs to the fragility of alluring arrangements sufficing as a remedy to alleviate the most fractured minds and souls. Passing through the sonic landscapes of Modest Mouse and Rainbow Kitten Surprise, to whom Dan & Drum’s broad sound is akin. However, their distinctive reverberations journey through a disparate pathway imbued by soulful rhythms, therapeutic melodies, and substantially relatable lyrics. Schechter emotionally expresses the opening lyrics, “I’ve been living in sin/ I’ve been living with limits/ I’ve been living with a sickness/ Y’all don’t wanna sit where I’m sitting” with an imitable disposition likely to resonate with listeners of all walks of life.

Dan & Drum released the stand-alone single, ‘Send Me Home’, back in September, the first of 2018. Since the early 2017 release of Growl Pop, the two also shared one-off tracks, ‘You’ll Find’ and ‘Heteroverheels’. Dan & Drum plan to take their increasing momentum deep into 2019 with a new LP and a slew of shows to follow. Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.