The sheer number of sounds conjured up across the five tracks of LA Royalty, the debut EP of Clans, is something to behold. Masterminded by the diversely talented musician Nicholas Monjarez, LA Royalty pulls from doo wop, electronic, and all-out rock. The end result is one of 2018's most eclectic and impressive debuts, a record that keeps you excited for what comes next.

Through all the sounds Monjarez skillfully employs, he does maintain a cohesive thread within his lyrics: Fuck all the fake people and all of these fake trends. Starting with the snappy 'Trendy' and closing with the punchy 'Cold in LA,' Monjarez directs a lot of animosity, much of it done in a playful matter, at all those people, places and things who get on his nerves.

But whatever anger or resentment Monjarez may feel, LA Royalty is a breezy and joyful listen that will keep listeners on their toes as a disparate array of sounds and styles are woven together with expert clarity.

You can stream Clans' LA Royalty up above.