Brooklyn-based band Mainland are rapidly approaching the release of Night Trials, a greatly anticipated full-length from this eclectic, era-bending pop-rock outfit. Ahead of that release, the band are sharing 'Permission Slip,' a cathartic burst of airy pop angst.

A series of "oohs" soar behind an infectious guitar line before vocalist and guitarist Jordan Topf bluntly spits the song's opening words: "I'm pissed." Those words set the tone for a track that skirts the line between independent anthem and painful expression of loneliness. Topf sings about not needing another person to validate himself -- "I don't need no permission slip/ I don't need no kiss on the lips" -- but also makes passing reference to "drinking all alone at night." These sort of contradictions are the heart of Mainland's sound, which finds a Cure-style niche between pop bliss and emotional ache.

"We wrote and recorded 'Permission Slip' in the foggy hills above of San Francisco," the band explains. "This is the first of a collection of songs that we've recorded completely on our own and we found it inspiring to have zero creative boundaries. The seclusion was great for having minimal distraction, but after a while the cabin fever can make you feel restless. The song is a reflection of that pent up energy needing to be released."

Over the summer, Mainland debuted another track from Night Trials, 'Beggars,' with The Wall Street Journal. The LP is due out later this year.