Baltimore duo Ed Schrader's Music Beat have proven to be one of the hardest acts to musically pin down of recent years. They certainly had punk-esque beginnings with Ed Schrader performing solo on drum, but through their shapeshifting albums they have given us doses of art-pop, baroque, electronic, and more. Their upcoming album Riddles, seems set to continue this unpredictability when it comes out on March 2nd. The new album has been co-arranged and produced by another Baltimore musician who is known and loved for his monolithic weirdo-pop: Dan Deacon. An auspicious partnership if ever there was one.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the title track, 'Riddles', a song that encapsulates just how unpigeonholable Ed Schrader's Music Beat is. Beginning with a stately piano prelude, fitting for the opening of a symphony, 'Riddles' takes off with the addition of Schrader's diminutively soaring vocal line, which is picked up in a gust of melodicism that sends the song rushing headlong into its cathartic chorus. All the while, the playful piano line crawls in and out of the mix, twinkling as 'Riddles' picks up more and more momentum driving home the complex emotions of our protagonist. 'Riddles' seems to be an understatement for all the twisted and thought-provoking things happening within the song.

Ed Schrader gave us a quote about 'Riddles', which gives us even more to chew on as we continue to replay it:

"to me this song is about shaking the ghost of an ever present teenage self only to realize you are only "that ghost" and nothing more -you've been asleep in your head and you wake to a shattered present which makes that over romanticized "ideal" past all that more alluring -even with its monsters -you run back into it and pull the covers over your head --it was where my head was at the time I got a voice mail that my Step Dad died -a larger than life character in my life who I had very mixed and unresolved feelings about -it was like waking up and suddenly the mountains are all gone -your gravity shifts and it kicks up all the dust bunnies of a damaged past along with its rich dark beauty."

Listen to 'Riddles' below and check out Ed Schrader's Music Beat's EU tour dates beneath.

Ed Schrader's Music Beat's new album Riddles comes out through Carpark Records on March 2nd. The band will be heading in May to play the following dates:

1 May EDINBURGH - Sneaky Pete’s
2 May GLASGOW - The Hug and Pint
6 May MANCHESTER - Sounds from the Other City Festival
7 May LONDON - Moth Club
8 May PARIS - Espace B
10 May MADRID - El Sol - Sound Isidro
14 May LYON - Grrrnd Zero
16 May LAUSANNE - Le Bourg
17 May ESSLINGEN - Komma Club
18 May PRAGUE - 007 Club
20 May BERLIN - Acud Macht Neu
23 May AMSTERDAM - Cinetol