In celebration of the recent release of her debut EP titled Days, synth-pop songstress Eden Samara has unleashed the neon-drenched official music video to the title track.

Reflecting the overarching theme of what Samara describes as the “desire to find meaning in life,” the song and video challenges the tension between societal constructs of who we should be versus who we want ourselves to be.

In the Darcy Hennessey Turenne-directed video above, Samara jadingly lounges amidst heaping piles of laundry, half-hazardly imagining herself as this perfect, blonde housewife—a fantasy she rejects but one that the men around her push her toward. Nevertheless, sheathed in neon-lights with torches and flaming barbie dolls in hand, Samara (and company) breaks free from this constricting, unwanted lifestyle and roams around as the free woman she desires to be.

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