As a big fan of the Dischord label and many of their artists it makes me feel awful to have been quite so excited about reviewing their latest release only to find that I dislike it quite so much. I’m completely aware that Dischord only put out DC bands, and that those bands won’t all have a classic DC hardcore sound, but I get the feeling that this lo-fi synth pop album only got a release because of Edie Sedgwick aka Justin Moyer’s connections with the label through his previous efforts with El Guapo and Antelope.

Love Gets Lovelier Every Day just isn’t a very good album, melodically or sonically. The vocals and lyrics leave a lot to be desired, they seem dislocated from the music and don’t appear to actually be saying anything in particular. I’m also surprised at the lack of any really great instrumentation as I have seen Justin play in Antelope and he’s a great musician but he comes across as nothing more than average on this record.

I’m sure that Ian MacKaye could put a up a good argument as to why he thought this album was something he wanted to send out into the public domain, but I don’t think he could say anything that could change my opinion.

There isn’t much more to say unfortunately. For fans of Dischord it’s a record that is probably worth a listen for one reason or another but if this is representative of the state of Washington DC’s alternative music scene, I feel very sorry for them.