Hello and welcome to a brand spankin new column from the 405! Every weekend you can expect a summary of all the important goings on in the world of music. From whats just occurred to whats about to happen, what we're currently HYPED about and whatever pokes through the front of this brainbox as it all comes into fruition... This week i'm going to focus on some things that we've been doing recently that you may have missed out on. Before I start, We should all donate to the UNICEF Haiti Earthquake Childrens Appeal: Lets all have a couple less drinks in the pub this week shall we? You'll save your hangover and hopefully save some heartache across the water. Back to the music, this week we all got more than a little excited at the news of Adam Gnade's latest release "Surrenderland" He talks with us about it here. Adam is one of the most underrated artists of our time, the type of guy they'll study in a generation or two, looking back to say "There's a guy who lived his life right". His writing makes me feel freedom in a way that previously only Jack Kerouac has. I have no higher praise than that. Y'all should go buy his shit so he can grow old and happy and free. We here at the 405 (Well, me and Oliver) have christened 2010 the year of awesome and we've launched some great features recently that will help make you believe us! First came the 405 podcats, which actually made me giggle so hard on the way to work that i almost crashed my car... Do not Podcat and drive people! The wonderful 405 Disposable project was next. We gave Fanfarlo a disposable camera and waited nervously for the results. Thankfully they were just perfect, cementing the image of Fanfarlo as the most talented young band on the circuit, why are they not massive? (I'd caps lock that last statement for fear of sounding petulent, but rest assured the sentiment is capitalised in my mind...) So every month we'll be giving a band or artist a disposable camera and conducting a beautiful little art experiment. How many months before we get a picture of a touring mans testicles? Place your bets now! Starting from February the 1st, Oliver will endeavour to introduce to you a band a day! With a MASSIVE mixtape to be given away at the end of each month (all songs from bands that month) He'll also be making two cassette tapes each month with the songs on that someone can win. How cool is that? Also this week we gave you the chance to win tickets for Esben and the Witch! The Brighton based trio are one of "those bands" y''know? They have the ability to stop snowflakes in the sky around you. Just pure ethereal beauty. If you aren't lucky enough to win tickets you should take this opportunity to jump on their bandwagon. Thats about all I have time for right now as I have to get my (much needed) beauty sleep... We'll be playing some records at the Big Scary Monsters Free Party tomorrow night (Click for the Facebook event) I'm so hyped about it. All three bands are worth an admission price on their own, so you should really take advantage of this and get your sexy behinds down to Old Blue Last, but get them there early because it looks set to get real busy...x