Hello! We've never done an editorial article before but I feel this is good time to start. Essentially it will be a monthly article letting you all know what's happening @ The 405 and a chance for you to have your say about the direction of the site. Lewis Gibbs would like you to know that we've got the following video sessions coming up: 1. Fanfarlo acoustic session (This will be up on the site as soon as Lewis' laptop gets fixed) 2. Po' Girl acoustic session + interview 3. Tubelord acoustic session + interview Danny Wadeson would like you to know that we've got a new Photo Roundup section which will hopefully shed some light on the talented photographers this planet has to offer and that more disposable (we send a camera to band) 405 articles will be heading your way soon. We've also got some amazing interviews coming up. Here's a selection for you: Daniel Johnston, Artist Mildred, Artist HonkeyKong, Artist Drew Millward, Artist Andrew Gibson and Lionel Fahy. Events We've got a load of exciting events coming up soon. We're taking over Primrose Hill tomorrow for the first ever 405 Rumspringer and have a bunch of nights lined up at the Buffalo Bar in Islington. Website Changes Over the next few weeks/months we'll be tweaking the site to make it even better. This will involve a revolving feature box, arrows so you can flick through the reviews, a search bar, a newsletter sign up box and a few more surprises. End. That's it! If you have any questions/suggestions for us don't hesitate to leave us a comment below or alternatively you can email us at thefouroh5@gmail.com