It's been seven hours and fifteen days since we last had an Editors Picks. It hasn't, though it would be true if we were in a Sinead O'Connor song.

See what we have been up to in the last week below, no doubt activities such as eating dinner in a fancy restaurant, seeing a doctor - and guess what he told us? Maybe to put our arms round every boy we see whilst bemoaning all the flowers that our mothers planted in the garden.


My week has been odd. Fighting with my cat, going to the Ritz, trying to record a radio show, getting sad in guitar shops and arguments with post people. The new Chad Valley EP has soundtracked these moments.



In the last week I've broken my "don't spend money on vinyl for a month to prove that you can do it" vow by spending approx £200 on vinyl, which is great and all but my bank account and savings aren't happy. Highlights though include Velvet Underground and Nico, Syd Barrat's The Madcap Laughs and Old Apparatus' 12". All stunning works.


This week I've been re-watching my Dexter boxsets for what is probably about the 4th time now. If you haven't watched Dexter then firstly, what have you been doing with your life (like seriously) and secondly, START NOW. It's about this guy, Dexter, who works as blood splatter analyst for Miami police, but at the same time also happens to be a serial killer. Pretty neat huh? Despite the fact that he's a pretty nasty serial killer, he only ever kills people who 'deserve' it. So although he's doing all these terrible things to people you actually start to begin to fall for him, which I guess brings up a load of interesting moral issues.

Music wise, I've spent most of this week listening to the latest Tyler, The Creator record, which despite all the hyper/shit-storm over it, is actually pretty good.

P.S. Yes I do live about two months behind the rest of the world.

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Being that my role is New Music Editor, it's surely only right that my pick should be a new band. That in mind, I've been listening to Canadian singer songwriter Daniel Isaiah. He's just put out an fantastic album on a great Montreal-based label 'Secret City Records'. I strongly recommend you check out both Daniel and the other bands on the label.

On a non-new music front, I've also been listening to lots of Yo La Tengo having seen them play the other day - the review of which can be found here.


Most of last week was spent being at various gigs in London town (five in a row, Mon-Fri. Highlight: the encore rave of James Blake.), and as such my legs and ears were hurting come Friday night. My anecdote to this at the weekend was to sit down and listen to lots of new music that I hadn't had the time for during the week - Holy Other and Air France stood out in particular.

Also discovered a Vondelpark track that had escaped my attention until now; he teamed up with Brixton-based Slime aka Will Archer to create this beauty:

Slime - 2 Player (feat. Vondelpark) by Slime Music Photobucket

This week I have mostly just been working and losing track of everything that I hold dear in the world. I did take a break to listen to the new Dry The River single “No Rest” maybe thirty times in a row. If this sort of thing resonates with you, then my god, it will resonate with you.


I'm currently writing from Cornwall, to where I've taken a road trip for a few days, which means that I witnessed Serena de le Hey's incredible Willow Man beside the M5. This 40-foot, interwoven wooden, steel skeletal chap from Somerset is a mighty sight to drive past, and as my friend pointed out, has developed a bit of a hairstyle over the years thanks to birds picking at his head to collect wigs for their nests!