Idea Generation is putting on the largest exhibition to date of Edwyn Collins’ illustrations, focusing on his intricate studies of birds in his homeland. Collins is a renaissance hero of our time; he’s a supremely well-regarded musician and composer in spite of his lifelong devotion to illustrative arts. He gained fame on both sides of the Atlantic for super hit “A Girl Like You,” famously featured in cult classic Empire Records. But he is an visual artist first and foremost; paintings by his father, Peter Collins, hang in the National Gallery of Scotland. Edwyn started being paid for his skills from the early age of 19, as an illustrator for Glasgow Parks, an experience that gave the upcoming exhibit its name. There’s a poignancy to the exhibition: Collins lost all his motor skills due to a double brain hemorrhage in 2005. He convalesced in the highland village of Helmsdale, patiently attempting drawing after drawing to find his artistic core. These drawings are the product of his devotion to regaining his basic skills. The exhibition launches on February 26th, and will remain at Idea Generation until March 6th.