It can be a nightmare being stuck on a network that isn't offering you the best and most up to date technology available for your smartphone. You've built up all those extra perks that come from staying with same network for so many years, so you don't just want to jump ship.

Lucky for you, EE have just announced a rolling 30 day SIM-only plan that will allow customers on non 4G networks to have a taste of what the future feels like while they wait for their current network to catch up with the times. At £23 a month for 500mb of data, £33 for 3GB and £63 a month for 20GB (Jesus, people! What are you downloading that can't wait for a wifi hotspot???) and no fixed contract, this is a great solution for people who just can't wait for other networks to activate their 4G data plans, but don't want to get locked in to another contract.

EE's 4G SIM-only data plans are available now.