Having made her debut in 2011 as Moxiie with her self-created "jungle pop" genre, NYC based singer-songwriter Ehlie Luna has spent the last few years refining and further developing her sound. But where some transitional phases are marked with occasional missteps, her artistic journey has felt like a natural progression that has been free from growing pains. Her music has gradually shifted toward a slightly more subdued sound mostly rooted in experimental r&b and it's on her new (and arguably best) single 'If You Stay' that she comes into her own and finds her grounding.

Where 2016's 'FVRS' essentially laid the groundwork 'If You Stay' fully develops it: the production, from Swish, is spacious with minimal arrangements consisting of distant brass breezing over brittle fluttering percussion and humid swelling bass that create a kind of sultry noir vibe suited for her chilling falsetto. Crystal Caines drops in and lays down some reliably solid bars adding to the message of positivity that Luna explores here.

"None of us can do life alone and that’s ok. It’s how we’re designed. So whether it’s with family (chosen or blood), friends or lovers, we all need support. The quicker we can accept that, the happier we’ll be" she explains. Nothing about it feels remotely like grandstanding and if anything, it feels like a comforting reminder of how important togetherness is, especially in a time when, thanks to social and political discourse and the isolating effects of social media, we feel more apart than ever.

Listen below. Ehlie Luna has a new EP due out early next year.