Einar Stray Orchestra dropped their stunning new album Dear Bigotry a few weeks ago, and now they are sharing a gorgeous video for the track 'As Far As I'm Concerned.'

"'As Far As I’m Concerned' is about the fear of changing“, says singer and pianist Einar Stray. "The fear of turning into someone the old you despite. The fear of throwing your life away going in the wrong direction. Moving forward can be terrifying — yet it’s the only way.“

According to the band, Dear Bigotry is about the band's love-hate relationship with Oslo. As a result, the video for 'As Far As I'm Concerned' was shot in a variety of locations throughout Oslo —14 different spots to be exact — with 19 different actors. "The idea was to portray different people with different jobs and situations all singing the same thing — that they all worry," says the band. "The video was shot in only 2 days with mostly family and friends as actors. Some of them act and some of them play the role as themselves." The video was made in collaboration with Team Me-frontman Simen Skari.

Check out the video for 'As Far As I'm Concerned' below.