Following on from a cease and desist order sent by some lawyers to Ejecta from a DJ/producer from Belfast called EJECA – notice the difference in the names? – the duo have changed their name to Young Ejecta. (Strong name, but they could've gone stronger with Yung Ejecta). I guess a cease and desist order is understandable when the name is exactly the same, but it wasn't, it had one more "t" than the Irish producer's name. Whatever.

Anyway, Joel Ford (of production duo Ford & Lopatin) and Leanne Macomber (a singer for Neon Indian), decided on Young Ejecta and have since announced a new mini-album called The Planet. Leanne has once again scorned clothing, as she has done for some of the duo's previous music videos, for a typically nude bit of cover art.

Visual stuff aside, here's a preview, a sonic trailer for the album in static video format. A quick tour of the sounds that will grace the new release, it features hazy production, with some trance-like synths somewhere, and elsewhere some chiptune-style bass bloops, with bluntly beautiful drum machine sounds underpinning everything all the way, Leanne Macomber's voice shimmering with an understated power in the electronic mists of the music.

The Planet will be out 27th January, 2015, on Driftless Recordings. Now, please enjoy the music.

The Planet Tracklist:
1. Into Your Heart
2. Welcome to Love
3. All Day
4. Recluse
5. Your Planet
6. What You Done