Jamiroquai - 'Canned Heat'

This is a great track to kick a party off, it reminds us of one the best dance scenes in film history – Napoleon Dynamite. It makes us wanna dance crazy like there's no one/everyone watching. We're going to watch him in our hometown of Birmingham in November and it’s literally gonna be one of the best things. If this doesn't get people on a dancefloor, you're at the wrong place.

Kaytranada - 'Lite Spots'

This album is one of our favourites. If you're ever unsure on what to play at a party whack on Kaytranada’s 99.9%. Each song on the album is a 100% banger! This one in particular is sick and reminds us of summer, outdoor gatherings with loads of mates and it’s also the perfect festival track!

Har Mar Superstar - 'Prisoner'

We chose this track mainly because the horns are awesome! It's got a great old school feel to it and the video features mega babe and all round super woman, Juliette Lewis. We went to see Har Mar last year at the Moth Club in Hackney and it was easily one of the most energetic/sweaty performances we have ever seen, he's a true performer!

Mary J Blige - 'Family Affair'

An absolute tune that everyone (tries to) sing along to every time it comes on. Mary J Blige is a boss in this video! It also features these sick lyrics: “Let's get it percolatin', while you're waiting so just dance for me.” If this isn't on your Bank Holiday Jukebox and you haven’t got a summer drink in your hand, you're not invited to our party!

Vicky D - 'This Beat is Mine'

When you don't want the night to end this anthem can make you feel like you own the night – it’s in the title! To us this basically means don't you dare stop playing this track. It is also one of our big inspirations; the beat is so cool and the synths are so so cheeky!

The Whispers - 'Keep On Loving Me'

This is the ultimate late-night tune. It can make you turn around on the spot for one last groove or be the track for your drunken ride home. We have spent so many taxi journeys home blasting this out and promising to each other that we would recreate the video one day - still yet to happen, but we will do it!

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