Ekoplekz has been pretty busy this year. He already released one album, Unfidelity, and on 18 August he'll release his second LP of 2014 Four Track Mind. The songs were recorded in largely the same sessions as the former, which he hinted at in an interview with Fact:

“I think Mike [Paradinas, label boss] is quite happy with how [Unfidelity] is going, so there might well be another Ekoplekz album for him. He’s still got all that other material I sent him, and I’m making more all the time – and he’s always saying, ‘Although I picked these tracks for this album, there’s still a lot of other ones I like,’ so we can do a different slant on the next one quite easily, take it down a different direction.”

The album will be a limited release to only 300 copies on vinyl and no CD version. You can hear clips of it over at Planet Mu's website.

  • Tracklist:
  • 01 Ariel Grey
  • 02 Tantrikz
  • 03 Meek Street
  • 04 Interstice
  • 05 Reflekzive
  • 06 Death Watch
  • 07 D’Vectif
  • 08 In Teak Effect
  • 09 Four Track Mind
  • 10 Return To The Annex
  • 11 Fox Eyes

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