Dutch label Electric Deluxe are known for their experimental slant on music, so it probably shouldn't have been a surprise that they've come up with a novel way of creating their new merch line.

Working with fellow Dutch design house Studio Hands, the label has transformed visuals of their logo and of founding member Speedy J using sonic waves and recording equipment.

They call the process "Audio Transmitted Merchandise".

Two computers were set up, one with a speaker and one with a microphone. Then it became creative coder Martijn Mellema to "write a custom application that took a wireframe portrait of Speedy J, boiled its many X/Y/Z coordinates into a long string of numbers, and blasted it into the room, sonically, as Morse code. The second computer resolved the various beeps back into numbers, rebuilding the 3D model."

If it all sounds a bit Tomorrow's World, that's because it is - the team have been working on the project for some time, refining and altering parts of the process as they went along.

"We noticed that these 'errors' occurred for different reasons," says Hilmer Thijs, a studio partner. "For instance the distance between the speaker and microphone seemed very important, even though the volume of the sound was very loud. Other reasons included uninvited people walking into our test room not knowing what was happening and making sounds while the app was trying to receive the beeps."

You can order the shirts here. [via Wired]

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