Chrissy is a genre-bending DJ/producer, known for releases on labels like Classic, Freerange and Hypercolour. Hawley Shoffner is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter with a distinctive, immediately recognizable voice. Together, they're Chrissy and Hawley, the electro duo who've delivered their new energetic single 'Photobooth,' ahead of the release of their collaborative self-titled debut album on July 15 via The Nite Owl Diner.

"This song is inspired by Boytronic, The Flirts, Bananarama, Pee-Wee Herman, the Fairlight CMI sampler, and the photobooths at Smartbar and the Rainbo Room here in Chicago,” the duo said. It's a combination of their individual styles and influences, but formed to create catchy dance music. Mission complete.