Brazilian indie trio Lumen Craft share their new single ‘Stranger’—a track in the sonic territory of alt-pop with a cornucopia of electronic sounds added to the mix. With a frenzy yet jazzy bassline alongside sensual guitars, ‘Stranger’ is thrust to a fresh soundscape. Fueled by John Evans’ bracing yet sultry vocals, 80s-inspired synths, and vivacious dance beats, ‘Stranger’ lives and breathes on a dance floor near you.

Lumen Craft is coalition of producer Ceah Pagotto, guitarist Noah Guper and vocalist John Evans. They first came onto the scene in 2014 with their debut EP, Lumen Field. Currently based in Sao Paulo, Lumen Craft is inspired by their emphatic passion for the city’s lights, sounds, and kinetic energy. Largely glistening and experimental, the band seamlessly weaves together a sonic cloth of pop, soul, and electronica tones. These key components translate into the triad’s distinctive and stimulating reverberations.

On ‘Stranger’, Lumen Craft expresses, “It's an invitation to the unknown, a guide to unexplored lands. It's an affirmation of identity, surrendering the soul to the course of destiny. Let the mind flow and enjoy the ride.”

Take your first listen to Lumen Craft’s ‘Stranger’ below:

The band’s previous release was the 2018 track ‘Fauna’, a shorter endeavor with more R&B-laden tones than previous efforts would suggest from them. If you travel back to some of past releases, such as 2016’s ‘The Oyster’, you realize Lumen Craft is proficient in building off their sonic density with elevating arrangements that generate a catacomb of deep feelings for listeners to soak up.

‘Stranger’ comes out on January 18th via Natasha Records. Follow Lumen Craft on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.