If asked to imagine a typical acoustic session, one's mind likely wanders to the rock stars who set aside their electric equipment for restrained renditions of their popular hits. MTV Unplugged was built almost entirely upon that premise.

But Swedish electronic artist Lucas Nord, perhaps best known for his 2013 hit with Tove Lo 'Run On Love,' is looking to change that perception with the release of three stirring, poignant live acoustic performances of his tracks.

"I often write the songs just sitting by the piano," Nord explained. "Even though I tend to have a lot of electronic elements in the finished version, this is pretty much how they all sound from the beginning. I think you should always be able to perform a good pop song stripped down, that's kinda when you know you've got the melodies right. So to me this is just a fun way of showcasing my stuff and I'm often a fan of other artists acoustic renditions of their own songs so it's just fun to finally do some myself."

According to Nord, the process of stripping down the songs' arrangements was not always a walk in the park. "The hardest and most challenging part of doing versions like these is always to translate the dynamic from the original version and not to lose too much energy so it doesn't get boring to listen to," he said. "That's one of the reasons I used a drum machine in these just to add that little flavour, help with the dynamic and get a groove going so you still can bop your head -- but at the same time feel a little sad."

Nord enjoyed showcasing a new, moodier side to his musical talents and he thinks fans will dig these, too.



'Don't Need Your Love'