PINES, the project of Adelaide natives and producer duo Adam Dormand and James Kenneally, has earned acclaim for its captivating sound, which blends electronic, hip-hop, indie, and beyond. With a slew of tracks that have gone viral -- earning accolades from likes of Triple J -- PINES is hoping to release its debut album next spring. In the meantime, the group will be dropping a few singles over the next few months, beginning with a gem entitled 'I've Been Waiting.'

'I've Been Waiting' has a brooding, yet naturalistic feel to it. The dark synth bass and thumping beat informs the former, while the coupling of strings and ethereal, almost other-worldly vocals offer the latter.

The song's production history is equally eclectic. Initially conceived in a Sydney hotel room, 'I've Been Waiting' come together as PINES shaped the bassline around a sample of a koto, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument. The end result is a song that feels both warm and inviting, but dark and foreboding. That kind of dichotomy seems kind of contradictory, but one gets the sense PINES likes it that way.

You can stream 'I've Been Waiting' by PINES up above, and be on the look out for more from the Australian duo throughout 2018.