Label: Delicious Records Release date: 22/09/08 Link: Who are they? Elena is a balllsy rock 'n' roll band fronted by an out and out rick chick! Formed in late 2003, Elena signed with indie label Delicious Records in 2004 and started recording a debut album ³Glimpse². What do they sound like? It's very easy to pigeon hole this band because they're what they're, a rock band. It has more of an edge to it due to the female vocals which remind me an awful lot of Chrissie Hynde if she had a cold. The verdict? The problem with this album is that the only song that really stuck in my mind for any length of time was the album closer 'Betty Davis Eyes' which is a cover song anyway. Also as far as compliments go the best I could muster was that the production was pretty good which makes the album sound fairly big, in that stadium rock kind of way. Other than that I found it to be far too easy listening for me. Rating: 5/10