Eliot Sumner has yet to release an album, but she's already toured alongside Lykke Li (she took some photos of the experience for us) and has partnered with i-D for the release of a three-part documentary. 'Dead Arms & Dead Legs', her new single, shines a light on just why there's all of this buzz around her - it's a sweeping, brooding pop song with glistening keys providing a delicate balance between the light and the dark, something she has in common with her former tourmate.

Her debut album is slated to be out by the end of the year, but Sumner said in a press release that 'Dead Legs' "is my favorite track of the new music". She went on further to say how the song came to be on her Soundcloud, explaining “Lyrically it was very easy to write because I was in a very vacant state of mind – I was going through an adjustment period. It’s about walking through something and robotically making decisions.” Stream it below!

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