Today sees the release of Future, the debut album from Eliza Shaddad. It's one we've been waiting eagerly for for a while, having tracked her output for a few years now, and we are delighted that today she has given us an introduction to each of the 10 tracks that make up her debut record. Read along to Eliza's notes below, while you listen to Future, which is out now.


01. White Lines

Originally called 'Future', it’s where the album begins, literally and spiritually. Written on a road trip through Australia, sleeping in the car, revelling in solitude, making big decisions.

02. My Body

A late at night, missing company, doubting your decisions vibe. The chords came out at soundcheck in Amsterdam on our first European tour and the rest followed all in one when I got back home and into my own bed.

In the studio with long-time producer Chris Bond this song pretty much rolled out in one and I think we used the first full takes of drums, guitar, vocals, and bass, added a couple more bits, and had a cup of tea.

03. Are You There?

A simple question in 5/8. The result of sudden silence.

The words to this came out in the back of the mix room for my last EP Run. I demoed it extensively at home and in the studio for the first time we used a lot of my original home-recorded stems for vocals and guitars because they felt so appropriately intimate, and then added these really sudden gnarly short and heavy drums for the wild spiralling contrast.

04. This is My Cue

Soaring commitment to indecision. Probably my favourite to play of the whole album. This song feels really simple, and is somehow the most true of them all.

05. Slow Down

A bit of lightness creeping in. We had a lot of fun with the west-coast surf sounds on this one, I wrote the solo but in the studio asked Andrew Bond (who also engineered the record) to play it because I’m still learning to solo and he is such a phenomenal guitarist - so much grit and gorgeousness to his playing.

06. Daydreaming

A wild card:) This is a bananas song that is sometimes my favourite and sometimes my biggest red flag. It’s relentless, and I guess is the result of not talking to someone. I really like how you could read the lyrics all aloud and it would just sound like a one-sided conversation.

07. Just Goes to Show

One of the first finished for the album, and another one that came out pretty much in one go in the studio. It sounds strangely positive given it’s about being the hurt one in a break-up. This was the track that when it came to mixing with Adam Jaffrey we felt we’d arrived at the sound that would tie the record together.

08. Your Core

A dark little moment. Unusually light on lyrics for me. So many layers and cacophonous things going on - all indicative of headspace at the time of writing.

09. The Conclusion

An end of sorts. An apology, and a more trip hop moment for the album, lots of lovely sub-bass going on, reverb drenched guitars. I cried a lot when I wrote it.

10. (To Make it Up to You)

What it ultimately all boils down to.

I added this song in at the very end, after we’d used up all our recording time. I needed to have one smaller, quieter, simpler moment on this album, a bit of peace to end on, and I found it in this.


Eliza Shaddad's debut album Future is out now on Beatnik Creative. Stream it below via Spotify or on your preferred platform.