Eliza Shaddad is the kind of artist and person that leaves an impression. Thinking well beyond just her own musical talents and potential, she has spent the last 6 years working on the artist collective she set up, Girls Girls Girls, which works to empower women across all arts disciplines; promoting, connecting and supporting these budding talents. It's perhaps her time spent globe trotting in her childhood, moving through 7 countries with her Sudanese and Scottish parents, that has made her appreciate the importance of art, the communal strength it can build, and the necessity to champion it by any means necessary.

She can also boast an MPhil in Philosophy and being a graduate in jazz from the Guildhall School by the way - but that's enough talking about her past, Shaddad is much more focused on what's to come. As such, she has titled her debut album Future, and is planning to release it later this year. Ahead of that, she today releases the second single from the album, 'My Body'. In Eliza’s words, it's a song about “Being betrayed by your body. Knowing full well that you need to be alone, but doubting it every night.”

It seems that despite having already accomplished so much, Eliza Shaddad is still just as confused and bemused as the rest of us when it comes to dealing with daily trials. This is the core of 'My Body', which starts as a steady rock song, but it quickly becomes clear that it was pre-doused in kerosene, as Shaddad patiently allows the song to combust from within, blue-flamed guitar slowly consuming the song from the inside out, until its licking the surface of the song with a molten orange glow. Lyrically, Shaddad is contemplative and introverted, but her inner turmoil makes for perfect kindling as she details her mistakes, setting them each aflame as she debates "I don't know if I'm right, I don't know if I'm wrong, but my body seems to know right where it belongs." This builds up to a resounding finale, where Shaddad sounds like she's being engulfed by guitars, though she is not burning up but rather merging with them into a towering inferno of indecision.

Joe McCrae has created a video to accompany 'My Body', which he says is "a reflection of Eliza’s restless state. Shooting on different cameras and incorporating layering and animation helped show the transitions in, and out of consciousness and the blurring of these worlds - lost in thought, until thought becomes dream.”

Check out 'My Body' below.

More news about Eliza Shaddad's debut album Future is forthcoming. Keep up to date with her on Facebook.